Monday, 18 June 2012

The end is nigh

When all is said and done, the pride and joy that I now feel having completed this quilt is immense!
Thanks to my quilting tutor who has stood by me and looked on whilst I made school girl mistakes without criticism... I hope it reaches the final destination and is as loved there as here!

Saturday, 16 June 2012

From Murder Comes Unity

As the title suggests, a murder that occurred in early April has brought two families together.

Today I have finished Isabella's quilt, she doesn't have it yet, nor do her most immediate family know of its existance just yet, but they soon will.   I have the name of the most senior Police officer working on the case and will shortly have his station, should my sister stop drinking wine and managing her nails long enough to go ask her neighbour to pass on the message... (not holding my breath, but hope springs eternal!).

Rather than send it direct to the family, I will send it via the Police, that way I know they have got it, and I know that it is in the right hands.  There was speculation that the person asking for people to give items to the newly orphaned little girl was a fake and was either keeping or selling on the items. I do truely hope that this isn't the case, 'cause people like me are and have gone to a great deal of trouble to get these items made, or will be buying little bits for her.

Why did I do this quilt for her? She is the same age as My daughter, I couldn't see my daughter waiting for her mummy to come home, but never to come, I couldn't bear the thought that she would be alone. So someone needed to show her that kindness and love still happen in this world, its not just bad things that happen. What happened to her mother was terrible, but fingers crossed now she has her grandparents to look after her, and they will keep her safe, warm and loved.

I will of course be leaving our details for the family to contact us should they wish to. 

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

When all about lose their head....

As we in the UK are saying "Stay calm and........." So, whilst my kids scream, my partner pulls out his greying hair, I remain quite calm. A little too calm really, as now I have totally and utterly forgotten the fabulous ideas I had through my insomniac hours. I can only recall they were connected to my Name door signs. They look similar to door signs of old, a little piece of Britain of old on your babes doors.
If only I could remember what my great idea was? :-)

Olympic GOLD!!!!!

A crumble mess of Dresden plate parts ready at the off...

 The Dresden plate template itself, just  checking pre-race entrants for Liberation and Random-ness, all appears good at the start line, no drug testing necessary, these are clearly full of some colour 

 Not a single plate template in sight! The final furlong has shown the clearest entrant so far, heads above the rest, keeping in tradition with the Queens Jubilee ready with a China Cup of Tea....

 The back of the pack of leaders, bringing up the rear with a thick and sturdy batting 9oz, 

 Oh My Goodness, they didn't anticipate this one to push through the ranks, a near new winner has appeared, do we have a new winner on our hands?

From out of no-where comes the late entry... up the Final Furlong.... wobbly and a little battered around the edges.... not certain where the end is, but knowing its not too far away, and pleased with the race progress thus far, 

Stay here to see the final winner, the entrant on the podium is.......................................................................

 Seren's Lucky Dip'ity...

 Signature and Name plate

 Final item, with the gentle old lady I made her with... one of my trusted Elna 68's

The edges aren't picture perfect, infact they are very tardy, but what you all have to bear in mind is... I have never done this before, ever, this is my first time at creating a mini-quilt and indeed any type of quilt.   I took the challenge on to prove something to myself... despite my total lack of knowledge in this area, and being very out of my comfort zone, I did it.

from Zero to Hero, as we say, it was a long distance race for me, only a race against old mother time, but one nonetheless.  I am over the moon with the final item too. Yes some of the edge sewing hasn't quite gone into the ditch on the other side, but that is the beauty of this item, nothing is perfect, maybe with the exception of the name plate. Even the concept wasn't perfect, I have several blocks on the go for this Round Robin Event. If I had only one, I don't think I would have finished it. By having so many I was able to pick and chose as I went along which one would be shown on each stage, by having so many, I also took some of the pressure off. By having so many I managed to finish the item with slightly less colour than I had imagined, but love the colours that are in the block. All the rainbow colours are here, muted and some very small, but they are there, so in my mind, this block reaches out to all the conditions applied to it and is brilliant for any room.

Thank you Liberated Quilters of Yahoo fame for allowing me in, and letting me loose on the project x

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Wood you Adam and Eve it?

I sew need  a reel holder... hubby isn't much of a woodsman, well he put a kennel together out of scraps and bits, but say's he can't do wood work. I myself believe him to be extremely adept at anything he really puts his mind too... he just doesn't know that he wants to put his mind to wood craft yet...... but.... there is time to pursued him x

Monday, 4 June 2012

Busy Bee's

As the title would have you believe I have been a very busy bee. However I can't tell you what I have actually done!

I have thought about finishing off my Lib Quilt RR... but haven't actually done it yet! I have considered finishing Isabella's quilt (even moved enough to put some piecing in between some of the blocks), its no where near completed though. I have been thinking very hard about the Banners I make and the Sashes I am putting together... but alas.. not actually done it... however, I have been tutoring my Step Daughter and my eldest daughter in some sewing and general craftyness... so I can't really say I have done naught!


I have cut out some sashing material that will be great on the underside of a satin sash, I don't want the wearer to be getting static shocks from the satin rubbing on their clothes all night! I have also bought some satin from Ebay, not the best I don't think but I'll use it as a comparison to the fabric in our 'semi' local haberdashery shops.

Our local one is very limited on fabric stock, mostly because she has a small shop, but is busy, and most definitely has caught onto the trend early. Beryl started as a knitting shop, quickly went into embroidery machining and is now pulling in all sort of crafting ideas.

So where does this leave me now? well that's a good question, it leaves me high in the sky with pennies dribbling away and none dribbling in! I have done a banner for one of the teachers from my daughters school and have left messages for her to say that it's ready for her to collect.... or for me to drop off... but nil response! So that can only mean that, I have made a banner specifically for someone and now I can't use it again other than for advertising. In which case I will be doing more to it, adding gems, ETC..... I also need to look into the brother software that allows me to download a picture and then create that picture onto the material ... so far we have got to turning the picture into a cross stitch embroidered item, which looks pretty terrible. Simon my resident computer whiz was also  baffled by the software's complexity and rather backward way in working. Why should I have to upload, then select which area's are then to be one colour then another, why can't the software locate this itself?.... that's why I don't do pc repairs or websites I guess!

Do I have anything to show for my time in well, limbo land?

most certainly do!
Sweet Sixteen Banner
Appliqued and stuffed patchwork heart
My son's door hanger - it was to be his name... he wanted that instead!
My baby boys sun hat, pictures and directions to follow... I just need to figure out how to get the pattern onto the pc...
My baby girl's sun hat, oooo she looks bonny in it... my boy can't wear his, its too small! 
 My baby girls door hanger, this is her name, and not 'Keep Out!'

Now dear friends and readers, I bid you good night, or good morning, or maybe good day?! Its past time I was in bed, and I am certain my baby boy will want a mummy feed any time soon, 
Take care of you x

Friday, 1 June 2012

Alzheimers's Art Quilt Initiative

Take a look at the fantastic quilts (mini quilts) put together by these very talented quilters, I can't say Ladies, because there are many men that do brilliant quilts too!

My wish is that one day I too can make a superb quilt (even a mini one would do) as quickly and deftly as these do!!!