Saturday, 26 May 2012

Its for the Community....

As the title suggests, the community spirit is what is needed in order to create world union, or at least an understanding of others needs, well wants in some respects, but needs are definitely better understood if we talk and stick together.

By sticking together, that doesn't mean to the exclusion of others, and bearing in mind that not all people are willing or infact able to be a part of a group of people, some people are crippled by 'shyness' which needs to be addressed in another way, via the medium of the internet is a critical solution.

Through my quilting hobby, and others that have taken my interest through the years, it is apparent that we are able to have a community spirit using several common threads. Bearing in mind that with community comes common... the two words and meanings are inextricably linked in many ways. One massive one being, a common thread x

Common to us is where we live, we have chosen to live here, we choose to live where ever, that alone should bring people together not drive them apart, don't covet what your neighbour has, be grateful for what you have! I have four priceless children that bring me so many emotions in one hour let alone a life time, they mean more than the latest TV, or designer clothes... without them my life would be beyond empty.

I hope you can all find something that holds you closer to your neighbour than previously thought, x 

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Binding can be hell...

Bound to be a bind!

Follow this very talented ladies lead and you won't go wrong. I have to say, thus far I still haven't reached the holy grail of neat and seamless bindings, practice makes perfect as they say?...

 I have so many quilts to make that yes I can definitely practice!

speaking of which, Isabella's isn't going to finish itself, and it would be nice if she got it before she grew old and grey herself!

Thanks for reading

Gone Mobile

I have dribbled into this millennia and have installed mobile Blogger.  Until the very early hours I made and mixed, sewed and pieced...

Now we have a little play mat to soften the bump when little bottoms bump down hard. The other project was the school sign, letters cut out, backing is hemmed and ready for the next stage.

Monday, 14 May 2012

What would you do?

What would you do? if you were given some baseball string and leather?

Follow this link to see what this talented blogger did.... however, I can't help but think that some of the bracelets look like an attempt of suicide.... sorry just my mixed up head x

Foul Doorstop Designs

Foul Doorstops!!!

Not only am I challenged in creating items for a Crafting circle whose aim is to make money or items for sale or to give to local families in need, My Step Daughter and my Eldest Daughter both are eager to use a sewing machine and learn how to create for themselves...

What to do thats easy enough to pick up in one go, and will be usefull to them both... a doorstop, thankfully the ones you can see in the link are perfect and work brilliantly well as cuddly's too!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

5 Babes Perish In Their Home

As the title suggests.

A family of children the youngest was only 5 years old, have died, apart from one, in a fire that engulfed their home.

I will past a local news agencies report - 

DERBY, United Kingdom (AFP) - British police arrested two people on suspicion of murder after five children died in a house fire on Friday in the central English city of Derby.
'Sadly I can now confirm that five children have died, and their ages range from five to 10 years,' said Assistant Chief Constable Steve Cotterill of Derbyshire Police.
Detectives are keeping an open mind about what caused the fire, he told a news conference.

I don't post this on for any reason but to ask, if you have anything you can spare - money wise - please can you forward a donation order that the 5 babe's can have a decent funeral. A funeral that befits a family of innocents, who knew nothing but the love of their family, sweets, and playing. This is being arranged by the people in the local area, as soon as I know who to contact I will be posting it right up x
I hope that this has been a tragic accident and isn't the result of one persons wrong doing.
Here are some comments from friends and neighbours from the area - 
four or five weeks ago a little girl on a school trip walked into a shop but didnt buy the sweets she wanted,instead she bought a little teddy bear and gave it to my grandaughter saying "here jess,this is for you.for being my best friend"the little girl was jade,aged 10,bless you jade,you and your brothers and sisters,lovely children.r.i.p

Liberated Round Robin 3!!! Queen of England No Less!

Well not Elizabeth Windsor, just me, but I made it with the Jubilee in mind... Still very fond and somewhat sketchy memories of the 1970's Jubilee, we had a street party, everyone from our street came. We were sat at tables in the middle of the street! Everyone was civil, we all had a great time, and everyone knew each other! 

Now, I am pretty certain that the street in which we live will not be celebrating the Jubilee... I do have it in mind to speak to other mum's in the street to see if we can get a Jubilee Picnic together for the kids... However, that's not for a week or two yet, so more pressing items on the agenda took precedence, The next Round Robin instalment.

Oh I worried about this one, how was I going to introduce more colour into some blocks that have more colours than our current spectrum suggests there are! They are a fusion of psychedelic past, present and future! Not one of them is missing a colour at all, how could I possibly do it?

Then my genius partner gave my sewing table a disparaging look, which meant, 'time to tidy up!', I shuffled stuff here, shuffled stuff there and then something magical caught my eye... a black fabric with multi-coloured flowers all over. Very little flowers, so from a distance the fabric looks like a shade of grey! perfect!!!! 

Now the creator in me got to work, holding a block in this way, that way and any other way I could before I came through with the way of the slice.  
Block 1 - 
This block as you can see, isn't 'uncolourful!' So how was I to slice and create a more colourful block? hmnnn.....
My answer was thus -
 Turn the sliced quarters about and add a little dusky Lilac in the central area's to dissect the block again....
Then came this....
Again how does this block, bursting with so much colour that it could create a black hole!, benefit from the addition of more? -
Now, the clever amongst you may well notice something about this block that makes it, unfinished (and I won't tell!), I needed something else, something quintessentially British to add to the Union Jack 'flavour' - hmn "I wonder what that could possibly be?"
A tea cup! LOL -
Close up -
On its side I know, but still you get the idea.... 

Again, the bright sparks will also note that no-where did I use the black and multi coloured floral fabric! - It just was not to be this time about, however, I do have some more blocks that can be - Liberated (just not quite as loudly as these were!)

Now one note to bring us down to earth.-
I will be posting an entry to pay homage to 5 young children who perished in their home last night. A fire broke out, killing the 5 children, leaving one (a 13 year old fighting for his life) and his father by his bedside mourning the loss of his other 4 children.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Isabella's Quilt, Blocks So Far

I have designed, cut out plastic templates, drawn them on fabrics, re-drawn them when I realised I had cut them out wrong, spat blood when I realised that I hadn't actullly done enough to surround the middle area...

Now I am pleased to say that I am making headway and as you will now see, I have some completed and looking fine....

The problem is, I now need to create some more, having done MY maths and made all My maths suggested... reality means that I am way out and need another 6 blocks to complete the rectangle and then do the middle blocks for the mummy's life story.

In all honesty, I can't wait to see the end product, however, I am suffering a bad bought of lethargy, and keeping awake seems to be a real bind right now, 20 hours out of the 24 could easily be spent asleep the other 4 upright feeding the baby, (a breast fed 1-2 year old is hard on the bodies resources - especially when that body isn't getting the best food intake either)
anyone for pizza?

Machines at the Doctors... :-(

Both our Elna machines are at the Doctors...
Both are from Ebay, both sold as working, both, not working as they should, one decent seller has agreed to refund the amount for the work needed. The other less, erm re putative, seller has told me to jump off a pier.
So, a case, I will open, this man is selling other machines and saying they are working, then if they don't he relies upon the buyer to return and actually pay for the privilege too!

Why are people like this still allowed to trade on Ebay? Surely once they have had one or two either negative or neutral feedbacks then they should be watched very very carefully and if the same occurs then removed, not just from their Email account, but the IP address too? It is of course possible, but they won't do it... too much revenue is made from each and every person on Ebay.. its all about the money - honey.

What will I do once they are back at home, safe for me to fiddle and faffle with?? I have the third part of my LRR2 to complete... more colour to an already psychedelic quilt block, I may just put a slash or two of black and white through or around, that way I can create a frame for my blocks

As you see, the one above I have a frame, and I do like it, hmnnn, black and white? could a cross section in white make this a half and half item?

Now this, well she has a frame of sorts, just not a straight one, Black and white would look great on this one.

In the mean time, I will be creating a Banner for the local Comprehensive to advertise events they put on to raise money for items such as places for school trips for less financially fortunate families/children, or special equipment for children who have 'special' needs. 

Let me know what you think I should do next...